The Elegance of Analogy

I am a huge fan of a little blog called Blank is like Blank. The guy who writes it come up with some seriously hilarious and elegant "metaphors to live by." My only issue is that they are not published nearly enough. They are so good and there hasn't been a new one since January. But then agian I'm not the most consistent blogger so what am I saying. Anyway here is one of the ones I am particularly fond of but please go check out the site because they are all pretty great.

Shopping at Ikea is like returning to therapy:
It feels like the right thing to to do, but then you get there and realize you aren’t adequately emotionally prepared.

[Blank is like Blank]

How Do You Like it Now?

In the pursuit of scientific inquiry, many times we forget about the feelings of those involved. I mean I'm not an animal rights kind of person at all but I could imagine being pretty pissed if I were a rat. This pic combines lol cats and science, who would have though that were ever possible. Good things there. But it does kinda make you think ... why didnt Schrodinger just get in the box. Come on man, sacrifice for science. The mythbusters do it.


I Want to Phat' Dip

Despite the possible innuendo in the title, there is a craze sweeping the nation. Actually its not a craze at all and it is sweeping nothing but the crowds of avid YouTube followers. But its got Tay Zonday and a perfect impersonation of Obama. And its pretty catchy to boot. So check it out. Try the head nod. Its a good head nod song.