Umm, My Row is Missing

So I noticed something funny today as I was flying and it made me wonder. I was on an Airtran flight in aisle 15 and was looking down the row staring at inanimate objects when i realized they were missing one of the signs for an aisle. And then on closer inspection, I realized they were missing an entire aisle all together. Yes ladies and gentlemen, there was absolutely no aisle 13. Now I know this is somewhat of a common occurrence. There is, for example, not many hotels with a 13th floor. Some dont have 13th rooms. And as a general rule, room 666 usually gets left out. And I understand it from a comercial standpoint. Its easier to avoid people complaining about there seat or row or room by just leaving those hot ones off the plans. And maybe its just because I'm not superstitios but I do find it odd. Whats more scary about a row a foot behind you (or in airtrans case, like 6 inches)? We as people find very odd things to be worried about. Perhaps we should think about world hunger as opposed to how unlucky our seat assignment is.


This is one of those videos that is nice to watch and be like, wow that kid probably feels like he wants to die right now. Oh its good to be the one watching other people getting hurt. Have a wonderful Friday everyone. And don't stand in front of anyone who involves gymnastics in their throw in technique.


Saftey First, For the Beer that Is

This is a continuation of the Not Fit for Print series featuring absurd headlines from our trusted news sources.

Australian Man Fined for Buckling Up Beer, Not Child
Australian man has been fined after buckling in a case of beer with a seat belt but leaving a 5-year-old child to sit on the car's floor, police say.

So first of all, I gotta say, this guy has an interesting set of priorities. I mean beer or gasoline is one thing but beer or small child ... not quite the same. I would also like to point out that the 30 pack of beer was strapped into the middle seat in the back ... between two other adults. The kid, with no where else to sit, was on that little lump on the floor. I mean if one guy threw his kid in the back with out a belt so he could keep an eye on the beer, but at least 3 adults are in this car and made the executive decision to boot the kid. I mean hey, at least they didn't put him in the trunk right. And on a side note, this is why I have a distaste for the news. This guy got fined 750 dollars in AUSTRALIA. This has absolutely no effect on my life and if we printed an article about every equally stupid thing humans have done there wouldn't be enough paper left for the sports section. I watch the Daily Show to hear about this kind of thing.

[Fox News]

Suprise, Look Who it Is

Well for the like 3 of you that have your RSS readers pointed my direction this will be a pleasant surprise (I hope). I have decided revive this once flourishing blog to its former glory. Now seeing as I no longer live in Eastern Europe and actually have a social life (okay somewhat of a social life) I will not be able to hold down the 2 posts a day but I would like to try and average 3 or 4 a week. You know, baby steps. My reader's "to blog" folder is quite full so I'll give you a little preview. I've got a ton of Not Fit for Print that I am looking forward to writing about. Also some Facebook statuses, funny videos, you know how I am. Alrighty then, well wish me luck and off we go.