Chistmas "Down in Africa"

So those of you who know me know that I am really not a big fan of Christmas music. It is over played, played for way to long, and guess what I have heard it all before. I'm going to stop myself there because I have no empty boxes of soap laying around and it could get ugly. So I will digress to share with you some Christmas music that I really did enjoy. This choir from Indiana I believe has put together a rather remarkable arrangement of music that is truly Remixed. Now its worth a chuckle until it gets to the 2 min mark and they drop a musical atom bomb. Lets just say Toto is involved and it is glorious. This is the stuff to get me in the season.

via [Awesomology]

How God Intended Man to Drive

Of course Hollywood gives us an unrealistic picture of how amazing driving can be. I mean no one can get in a car and pull the kind of things they do in the Italian Job. Well I'm pretty sure Ken Block can. I mean I'll be real honest, I'm not a car guy. I dont know how many horsepower the new M6 has got but I do know that this guy knows how its done. Sit back and prepare to be amazed.


Not Fit for Print Roundup

This Edition of Not Fit for Print is going to look a little bit different. While I have taken a break from blogging for the last couple of months, I have not taken a break from filling my "to blog" folder with interesting tidbits. So I thought I would group several funny news stories together where the title really does say it all.

Man Nearly Dies After Lover Carves Heart on His Chest

A Canadian woman has pleaded guilty to stabbing her boyfriend, nearly killing him, in a botched sex game in which he asked her to carve a heart-shaped symbol on his chest. [Link]
I believe botched is an understatement or someone doesn't understand the meaning of the word game.

Rescue Planned for Woman Trapped by Giant Pig

A huge pig called Bruce has trapped a terrified woman in her home in Australia. [Link]
Why would Bruce do such a thing???

OMG, 007! British Spy Agency Recruiting on Facebook

Britain's MI6 foreign intelligence service confirms it's running recruitment ads on Facebook. [Link]

Are you sure its not a middle aged man posing as someone else ... or wait, that might be his job in this particular case.

Pony Falls Into Pool After Getting Drunk on Rotten Apples

A horse in England wandered into a swimming pool after getting drunk on fermented apples Tuesday, the Daily Mail reports. [Link]

I'm gonna have to stop you there sir. No more Apples for you, oh and let me have that saddle, your not ridding home like that.

Snake on a Plane Gives Cabin Crew the Slip

An Air India flight turned into a real-live take on Samuel L. Jackson’s 'Snakes on a Plane,' when a slithery stowaway was spotted under a seat, according to a report from Agence France-Presse. [Link]

Somebody's got to get these motherF#%$ing snakes of this motherF#%$ing plane.

This has been a continuation of the Not Fit for Print series featuring absurd headlines from our trusted news sources.

Kodak Moment? Probably Not

So its the middle of the week and I thought it would be healthy if everyone just smiled. So to help us all achieve this I have a little visual stimuli. This was the subject of a caption contest over at GorillaSushi and while there are probably a million captions that fit, I would prefer just to sit back and marvel at the pure absurdity of it. This is artwork people.

via GorillaSushi

The Big G is Watching You

In an attempt to further distract myself from studying for my impending Spanish test, I thought I would share a little something with you that happened to me yesterday. This particular story actually starts over thanksgiving break while I was doing a little Christmas shopping in the mall. I some how made it out of a department store without the aid of a gas mask when I walked by a little Tea shop. Now I am a big fan of tea. In Prague last year I visited a great little tea house with tons of different teas, I wish we did that here instead of Starbucks. Anywho I was enjoying this tea store in the mall, getting very excited about what all from there I was going to add to my Christmas list, grabbed the brochure and headed on my way. Well here I am a week later sitting at my computer checking my email when low and behold up at the top of my gmail inbox (you know the strip with the adds or news stories or whatnot) is the website of the exact store I had been in. Holy crap google is tracking me to improve its add placement. I mean I even thought, well maybe I mentioned it in an email I sent or something ... yeah, no. So there you go folks, your secrets are now the big G's secrets. Get used to it.

If you were wondering about that store and didnt want to wait for it to pop up in your inbox [Teavana]