The Big G is Watching You

In an attempt to further distract myself from studying for my impending Spanish test, I thought I would share a little something with you that happened to me yesterday. This particular story actually starts over thanksgiving break while I was doing a little Christmas shopping in the mall. I some how made it out of a department store without the aid of a gas mask when I walked by a little Tea shop. Now I am a big fan of tea. In Prague last year I visited a great little tea house with tons of different teas, I wish we did that here instead of Starbucks. Anywho I was enjoying this tea store in the mall, getting very excited about what all from there I was going to add to my Christmas list, grabbed the brochure and headed on my way. Well here I am a week later sitting at my computer checking my email when low and behold up at the top of my gmail inbox (you know the strip with the adds or news stories or whatnot) is the website of the exact store I had been in. Holy crap google is tracking me to improve its add placement. I mean I even thought, well maybe I mentioned it in an email I sent or something ... yeah, no. So there you go folks, your secrets are now the big G's secrets. Get used to it.

If you were wondering about that store and didnt want to wait for it to pop up in your inbox [Teavana]