A Three Dacia Pile-up

So driving in Romania is a very life threatening adventure. Although you really don't see that many accidents which is odd seeing as people don't know how to drive and have very short tempers. So the other day the most ironically beautiful thing happened, and it happened right outside our office window. One Dacia ran into another Dacia, which in turn hit a third. Now if you have ever been to Romania you know how much people love their Dacia's ... its the only Romanian brand of car. And the most perfect thing about this whole situation is the most stereotypical Romanian caused the accident in one of the most stereotypical Dacia's. Thats his mug there on the left. Gotta love the irony folks, sometimes it just doesnt get any better. [Flickr]

I Like God do not Play with Dice

So I was streaming the Church of the Apostles to my lovely office here in Oradea, Romania today. Very good sermon about Thomas and being a pessimist and what have you. So during the service Doc Y makes one of his pastor jokes about the pessimist who, on his grave stone, writes "I Told You I was Sick." Cute, not hilarious, but cut him some slack, he's a pastor. And of course Mark Miller wrapped it up with one of his famous last songs. So after the service I am checking emails and my reader before I head home. I'm about to wrap up as I look through some newly added wallpapers to Social Wallpaper I see this that had been uploaded sometime in the last 3 days I assume.

Very strange ... Oh and by the way, the title is a partial quote from V for Vendetta ... which is also strange since someone showed up yesterday wearing a guy fawks mask ... this could be bad. [scowall]

Food Court Musical

Recently Improv Everywhere executed a brilliant, if a bit uncharacteristic, mission in an unsuspecting mall food court. Personally I think it is one of the best missions they have ever done. To me, pranks that are thought out and planned with elaborate setup are far better than just your typical run of the mill coating toothbrushes with pepper or what have you. That last sentence seems a bit obvious now that I reread it but I would like to encourage some thought into any upcoming pranks ... not as good as The Game perhaps but I'm sure we'll think of something. I am however a huge fan of Improv Everywhere and love everything they've done ... looks like we will be starting a chapter in Waco next year ... I'm sure that will go over well. [Improv Everywhere]

Possible Copyright Infringement

Screenshot from a laptop (that may or may not be mine) the other day:

The RIAA would not be happy. [Flickr]

Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth

Hey Kids, welcome to the blog. I guess I felt like it should have some kind of first post instead of just jumping right to random thoughts that have fluttered across my mind. Ive had several blogs in time and none of them have really stuck ... so here is to this one. I went back and read some of my old ones and enjoyed them so here we stand, at the beginning of a new blog. I dont suppose i can break a bottle of champagne on my computer monitor for good luck and I doubt by the time anyone actually reads this blog will they see this post so lets just get right to it.