I Like God do not Play with Dice

So I was streaming the Church of the Apostles to my lovely office here in Oradea, Romania today. Very good sermon about Thomas and being a pessimist and what have you. So during the service Doc Y makes one of his pastor jokes about the pessimist who, on his grave stone, writes "I Told You I was Sick." Cute, not hilarious, but cut him some slack, he's a pastor. And of course Mark Miller wrapped it up with one of his famous last songs. So after the service I am checking emails and my reader before I head home. I'm about to wrap up as I look through some newly added wallpapers to Social Wallpaper I see this that had been uploaded sometime in the last 3 days I assume.

Very strange ... Oh and by the way, the title is a partial quote from V for Vendetta ... which is also strange since someone showed up yesterday wearing a guy fawks mask ... this could be bad. [scowall]