Umm, My Row is Missing

So I noticed something funny today as I was flying and it made me wonder. I was on an Airtran flight in aisle 15 and was looking down the row staring at inanimate objects when i realized they were missing one of the signs for an aisle. And then on closer inspection, I realized they were missing an entire aisle all together. Yes ladies and gentlemen, there was absolutely no aisle 13. Now I know this is somewhat of a common occurrence. There is, for example, not many hotels with a 13th floor. Some dont have 13th rooms. And as a general rule, room 666 usually gets left out. And I understand it from a comercial standpoint. Its easier to avoid people complaining about there seat or row or room by just leaving those hot ones off the plans. And maybe its just because I'm not superstitios but I do find it odd. Whats more scary about a row a foot behind you (or in airtrans case, like 6 inches)? We as people find very odd things to be worried about. Perhaps we should think about world hunger as opposed to how unlucky our seat assignment is.