Axe Wielding Irishman

This picture is just a guy with an axe trying to get a ride. He is friendly enough right, seems legit.

Well it reminds me of the time that I was walking from the Dublin airport to my hotel with one of my friends. The trek was conciderably farther than we expected it to be so we decided to ask for directions just to see how far it really was. So it was around Christmas time and there was a tree lot on the road and a man standing behind his pickup. Seemed friendly enough. So I ask him if he knows where this hotel is and he comes around to help. He is holding a hatchet in his hand. Seems reasonable, its a tree lot. So we get into it and to make a long story short, he starts waving the hatchet to point us in the right direction (I had to dodge several times) then starts asking us where we are from. He then proceds to tell us the story of when he went to Alabama and met the KKK and how crazy we Americans were. He droped the F bomb about as much as he swung his hatchet. This photo just reminded me of him and I thought I would share that story with you.

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