Silly Facebook

Facebook is a wonderful tool ... it gives me endless hours of entertainment auto-stalking people. Just kidding, but seriously. People love facebook and facebook loves, well, faces I suppose. But it does have its dark side just like anything else. I've never quite understood the concept behind sharing your blackmail with everyone ... seems rather counter procuctive if you ask me but people do it more often than not so I just sit back and chuckle. So the other day I saw a rather disturbing facebook status (not listed here, it was the morning after prom ... you figure it out) so I decided to save some of my favorites and post them once I had a few. This might be happening again in the future. Now I've taken out the names since people still have the illusion of privacy.

[female] "When life gives you lemons, just say 'F**k the lemons,' and bail."
I tend to be more of a fan of lemonade but I do enjoy the mix and match zen art that seems to pop up every once in a while.

guttin fat hos.
Not really sure what to say about this one other than the kid is from California.

is one tree hill:)
Now that you are no longer required to put the "is" I find it amusing when people refer to themselves as inanimate objects.

[female] is digging to china with [male]. he really keeps me going. in bed.
Inside jokes are usually only funy to those on the inside ... but when they are so off the wall that people mistake you for an Italian conman well lets just say they've gone too far.

[male] is globel warming and all the trees are dying is such a hoax. i laugh when ppl put their trust in the media. if u want 2 kno why it is, message me.
This kids about to get owned. Now I tend to share his sentimants in a more plutonic sence ... I just like how both sides blame the media for being on the other side.

[female] hates [female] and [male] because all they do is do it in the butthole during free period and leave me all by myself becuase i have no other friends.
Says a lot about you I'm afriad ... again with the inside jokes gone wrong.