Best Movie Ever ... No Really

There was once a man who could take down an enemy chopper with nothing more than a shoelace and a couple coconuts, defuse a nuclear bomb using only items found in the janitors closet, and could do literally anything as long as he had his trusty Swiss Army Knife. He was a legend, he was MacGyver. Now I realize I am one of a select few in my generation who know of this makeshift hero, and I owe all my knowledge to Spike TV's summer morning schedule. So why are we talking about this? Well it appears that the creator of the original show has plans for a big budget movie. I can honestly say that I am more excited about this one than any other movie in the making right now. It would be like a Walker Texas Ranger movie. There is some question as to whether they bring back the original actor who played MacGyver or get some new guy. All Ive got to say is that if he doesnt have a mullet, we are going to have problems ... big problems.