Adios Reality

Celebrities can do whatever they want. I dont in any way follow the lives of any of them even though I'm sure watching their pathetic struggle to get a mocha frapachino is entertaining. Granted if I had that kind of power I would defiantly use it. But more for like getting to be the dead guy in and episode of CSI like Swift did. Anyway, saw this clip of Will Ferell crashing some live TV. Insane, there arnt many people who can just walk into a live TV brodcast and have no one stop them. I would have been tazed on live TV is what would have happend. So take a gander.


Pretty ridiculous no? I am impressed to say the least. Impressed might not be the right word but Mark Twain is not around so we can stick with lightning bug for the time being. But of course you cant watch this and not be reminded of good old Brad Paisley. Now there is a stand up celebrity. I wonder what he has to say about all this big shot nonsense ... oh wait, he wrote a song about it. And the video is halarious. I should do a blog on his videos but in the mean time watch this one. Its how music videos should be made. (No embedding allowed, sorry kids, check it out here)