Anarchy in the UK

For those of you who are not crazy like me and remember most lines from most movies, the title of this post actually refers to a line from V for Vendetta. If you havent seen it, you should becuase its a great movie and actually ties into this post rather well. Alrighty then, if you havent heard, Google street view went live in the UK recently and caused a slight uproar. Despite faces and licensplates being blurred and whatnot, everyone was mad that people could be seen doing such things as peeing in public. Anyway the outcry was so loud that it resulted in many of the images being removed. I hope you see the ironey hear but just incase you dont, I think this comic makes it rather apparent.

I mean seriously the UK is the most watched country in the world ... its kinda sick. Even ehe crossing ladys are wired these days. If you are interested in all of this nonsence check out this video. Some guys put it together on the anaversery of cctv in the first city it was used. They set an 8 foot tall alien loose on the city to see how fast the police would respond. Yeah, its funny but then agian, its a little creepy. I am not up in arms yet but if there were cameras following me home from work, you'd better believe I would be.