Voice of a God

So one thing I keep a pretty good handle on is my list of people that I hope God sounds like. I mean come one we have all thought about it. Mine changes occasionally and to try and accommodate different types of voices or different styles of speaking. But pretty consistently at the top of my list, and I would imagine many others, is that of Morgan Freeman. This picture pretty much illustrates why.

I mean that is pretty close to the truth right there I have to say. I wish he would narrate bedtime stories. But that is actually a really nice segway into my next point about the man. I think we should start a petition to have the American version of Planet Earth be re dubbed with his voice. Attenbouroh is respectable hugely respectable and often ends up on that list I talked about but Sigourney Weaver? Really? I cant stand her compared to Attenbouroh. But how amazing would it be to fall in love with our planet to the soothing tones of Morgan Freeman. Think about it ... that could possibly make Planet Earth the best thing to ever be shown on a television ... ever. And have a little self respect Freeman, penguins are bush league ... take on the planet.