The Short Film Genre

So there is a new genre in town that I am falling in love with. It is the short films. And there seem to be quite a few very good ones around lately I thought I would mention a few of them. I'm not exactly sure what makes them so good, of course it is a multitude of small things. They are really just bite-sized nuggets of life that are intentional in their presentation, something that is missed in current media frenzy market. I dont know, its like good photography taken one dimension further. So anyway here are three of my favorites, all slightly different in their style. Granted they all have a touch of romance (dont judge me) but hey thats life. Hope you enjoy these, the higher quality version is worth it so make sure to turn that on.

Word Builder
This one has been pretty popular lately so if you haven't already seen it, by all means it is worth it. First of all the sheer art of it. One day in filming, two years in post production. That is amazing. And its got a little bit of a geeky side to satisfy.

This is a cuter story about comunication and yet it has no words ... actually none of these do. It represtents the most traditial filming style at least.

Notte Sento
This film rounds out this little list with a bit of stop motion. Very imprssive stop motion I might add. Its in Ittalina but you will figure it out.