Lets all Status

This is a continuation of my Status Update:stalkerNET series where we take a look at the absurdity that people's status updates.

is very excited for tonight :)
Thats what she said? ... maybe, no ... alright then

[female] is i did not poke everyone, sorry. thank youuuu
Something about this makes me think that you in fact did poke everyone ... and for those not so familiar with facebook this just sounds wrong

[male] is liking weiner in and around his mouth...
I believe this is from a movie but again, you might run the risk of being misunderstood.

[female] misses the bunnies.
I mean whatever floats your boat I guess.

[male] thinks she is ready to go off the pill.
This would be strange enough if it was a girl saying it but a guy saying it about another girl? I would have some questions about that.

[female] is mother's day was invented because the govt felt bad about abolishing child labor laws.
You people astound me sometimes. Happy Mother's day I guess.

[female] THERE IS A PEACOCK ON MY ROOF. no im not kidding.
"I'm speechless" - Whats that from quick ... celebrity jeopardy you say? Looks like we have a winner. But all seriousness aside, you really shouldn't kid about these things.

[male] has a habbit of falling for Lesbians.
Uh huh, this is one of those things you dont say out loud, or post where all your friends are sure to see it.

And for your viewing pleasure this is a screen shot of an unnamed persons mini-feed ... that is quite a day you have going there buddy, I feel for you. For maximum effect, start reading from the bottom as that is how the chronology works with these things.

And to make it even worse, there was two message from the girl at the bottom saying "check your messages" and "Please turn on your phone." No place is better for an over dramatic breakup for all to see than our good friend facebook.