Bedtime ... Movie?

We all know that Hollywood has run out of ideas. Case and point, Wargames 2, Mummy 3, and Lion King 1.5. But inadvertently in their desperate search for ideas, they happen to stumble upon some good ones. Go figure. Two of my favorite childhood bedtime stories are being made into movies and both look pretty freaking good. Of courese when you start with something that good, the end result is bound to be pretty ballin. And while there is a purist part of me that says these storys cannot be done justice on the big screen, I cannot wait to see them.

The fist was always a favorite. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Looks like they have added a bit more front story to it and kicked it to 3D. The story looks good, not sure yet how I feel about the 3D. But seeing a pancake flatten a school on the big screen is going to be amazing.

The second is probably the best piece of childrens literature ever written and had captured the hearts of like a bazillion people. (sorry that sentence was getting too cheesy) So excited not only to see Wild Things up on the big screen but to see them in live-action. That is awesome.