Why Can't We All Just Be Friends

This screen shot was taken from an episode of Television the other night. What might surprise you that this was an episode of CSI Las Vegas. What was that? But those are the Mythbuster guys you ask? Well you would be completely correct. Yes it seems that our two myth fighting friends have landed what I assume is not there first cameo. They appear midway through the episode when Nick Stokes, the blurry head there in the front, is testing whether or not taser + pepper spray = human combustion. Now I had a rather fond chuckle and they served there cameo role quite well but it made my little mind wonder back to something I used to think about now and then. Why can't all these shows play nice. I mean even if its just all of the crime fighting ones. Charlie Epps fights crime with math in Numb3rs and Dr. Brennan fights crime with her anthropological skills in Bones so why can't they join forces when there is a body burned to a crisp and a secret code involved. Or why cant the boys from the BAU (Criminal Minds) fly down to Las Vegas to help our CSI friends with a serial killer. Or maybe ... just maybe ... somebody could call down to CTU and if Jack Bauer isn't having one of the longest days of his life he could help bring down a terrorist with the team from NCIS. Make a double episode out of it. And so far I've only touched on the crime shows. Why not send Dr. House a star from another show who happens to have a rare diseases ... like when Tony (NCIS) gets sick in the second season I believe it was. There are endless possibilities here. And yes I know, different shows are owned by different people and who is going to get the publicity money whatever. Well they've all got enough shows I'm sure they could work it out. I am always very fond of applying trends in one field to something completely different so here it goes. The world of technology today is all about integration. I think some cooperation would go a long way into creating suspended disbelief. All those shows go on is the same cities so why not. Stop filming in a vacuum. The world is a lot bigger than that.



June 3, 2008 at 2:48 AM

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