And You Wonder Why Russia Scares Me

In the very short life of this blog I feel like Russia has taken up a fair amount of air time ... that is considering I do not make it a habit to let Russia occupy my precious brain space. But alas, one of our faithful readers, Sharon, has tipped me off to this rather troubling video.

Heres the setup: 1) the Red Army used to have a choir of soldiers and musicians. 2) They still have it and their still soviet. 3) There is a rock band from Finland called The Leningrad Cowboys. 4) These cowboys for some reason have fro hat like hair and wear elf shoes for a reason that is escaping me at this point. So what happens when those two prime examples of musical accomplishment get together and choose a classic song which they are sure everyone will love?

Sweet Home Alabama has never sounded ... well more soviet. I mean listen to those choir guys. They are like practically chanting in the most stereotypically Russian fashion that I could ever imagine. And what are those girls doing on stage ... thats a sad excuse for dancing if you ask me. Oh and for you really observant people out there, watch the very end as they pan across the Red Army ... one guy is just a little too into it for the final crescendo.

[To The Point News]

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