Somethings Wrong with the World? Lets Make a Sign

Tibet. Bloggers, politicians, athletes ... we are all talking about Tibet. To be painfully honest, since moving to Romania my knowledge of world affairs has decreased relative to the amount of gizmodo I read. Just Kidding. But seriously I keep up with things that are close to me (ie Zimbabwe) and get as much of the rest of the stuff when I can. So I really don't know much about this whole burn China on their torch because of some tomato workers (I believe I'm mixing my human rights crisis). And I'm all for human rights I just wonder how many of these people care and how much we all like to protest. I mean sure I'm all for throwing a molotov cocktail at a dice factory in Mexico but seriously folks. Sure It looks cool to stand next to that lady who's been in front of the White House since like WWII but if you don't know what your talking about, you don't deserve to be heard. This video just kinda illustrates that in our current quest for world happiness.

[The Daily Yeah]