Thats Low Louis

First of all I have never really understood Louis Vuitton. Granted if I could figure out how to sell something for ten thousand percent of what I paid to make it, I would be opening up shop. I mean I cant understand why someone would pay five thousand dollars for a wallet. What are you going to put in it? I guess you put your daddy's credit card you used to buy it in the front pocket. But people are strange but we haven't even gotten to the people selling the stuff. In the word of Ron White, "How do you sleep at night you f#@%ing prick?" So I would think that when someone uses their brand to help people in Darfur they would thank them for helping to balance their conscience. Clearly the PR department doesn't have a conscience. Here is the basics. Nadia Plesner is an artist and wanted to help Darfur. So she does a campaign where a little starving baby is holding a designer bag and a Paris Hilton dog. Granted the bag is not even a Louis Vuitton pattern, it is just similar ... and all the proceeds goes to charity so its not like she is getting rich quick. So the folks at Louis are now seriously suing her for Intellectual Property infringement. I mean if you ask me, it shouldn't even be considered Intellectual Property when you just slap your logo on a bag. I mean this is ridiculous. How do you sleep at night?