The Little-Big Leagues ... Or the Big-Little Leagues Rather

So I have an inordinate amount of video in my "to blog" folder and I usually try and only do one a day but it looks like we are going to be breaking that rule for the next few days. And this article was at the bottom of the pile which I meant to write about quite a while ago ... but enough about me (or maybe not). Improv Everywhere has struck again with another fantastic stunt. I wrote a little bit about their Food Court Musical a while back so if you missed that be sure to check it out. This time however they set out to give two little league teams the best game they had ever had. They brought fans, signs and face-paint. Again, I like this mission because of its elaborate setup. They had a jumbotron out there with NBC Sports. And the freaking Goodyear Blimp. How cool is that. Check out the video for an overview of the game. Man I love Improv Everywhere. I was kinda thinking about doing urban tanning here in Oradea but I don't have a crew.

[Improv Everywhere]