Breaking: Facebook Chat

This is but a humble blog that has no way to compete with the big boys at Gizmodo or what have you. However, as I do live in Romania, I get a seven hour jump on web updates that people make in the middle of the night. So here is to hoping I am the first review and someone searches it on Google. It is the chatting feature we have all been waiting for. They blogged about it a week or so ago on the official Facebook blog but it wasn't until last night that I got access to it. For me, to be honest, this feature just put my screen name out of commission. It brings together two great services that have no reason to be apart. I don't need to track down someones screen name import it into a separate service and then have to guess at people's handles. This makes it quick and easy and there is nothing that it cant do (so far) with its proven gTalk like interface. Now there are still a few bugs to work out (I do not have 15 friends online at 3:14am) but I think this feature will hugely streamline my social networking. Now I'm not a Facebook worshiper, their status updates did not replace my twitter stream, and I can't put my finger on why this one is different. Anyway, go and clog their servers with lots and lots of chatter.