BMW V8 [Its a Guy Thing]

Everyone loves a good V8. Chainsaws, pickups ... hell, I'd put one in a screw gun if I got the chance. I mean I'm not even a car kind of guy. Sure, someone usually has to tell me my mouth is hanging open whenever an Enzo drives by. And nothing will ever beat Top Gear's bit on that old Toyota pickup. But having driven a Ford Tempo most of my driving life, I know how good it feels to step down on a V8 and feel like you could pull a building down ... or actually pull one down, whatever the case may be. All of this is to say BMW just came out with M3 with a V8 engine. Now normally that would not concern me however the guys down in their marketing department are geniuses. This is what commercials should be like:

Keep in mind that there are no computer generated effects in that video. Absolutely amazing. And the geek in me goes, "that was shot at 10,000 frames per second!!!" And the Tim the Tool-Man Taylor in me ... well he grunts.
[Autoblog via DYH]