The Pigs Have Transformed

So if you are fortunate to attend STS at the Church of the Apostles and have been doing so for about a year or so now, you will remember the salt and pepper shakers in the shape of two pigs. Long story but this article will make little to no sence to those who do not remember the pigs so I'm not going to explain it ... if you think you might remember ... you dont. If you were there or were a part of it, you will remember. So moving on, there is a car that parks outside our office on a regular basis here in Romania with an interesting decal that reminds me of said pigs. And this is not a sticker mind you, it is a legit metal/plastic thing ... might as well be a Honda symbol. As this article is very vague and ambiguous I think the picture will make it all relatively clear to you. Next time STS does a purity series: rabbits are this year's pigs.