Best Fanboy Tattoo Ever

Okay so I am a serious fan of Tay Zonday. Maybe that was a bit much. Take two: I love Tay Zonday's music and could probably watch the Cherry Chocolate Rain commercial 25 times a day. But someone out there is following in the footsteps of the Zune Guy and got a tattoo of Tay with the famous line from the original Chocolate Rain. Check it out.
I applaud who ever is the crazy dude who had this put on his arm ... somehow I doubt you remember the experience. Personally, I'd probably go with the Zune tat cause their logo is pretty sweet. Anyway for those of you who have never heard the melodious magic that is Tay Zonday ... I decided to add my favorite video of his for your enjoyment. I would probably sell my soul to sound like him ... just kidding ... but seriously. Also check out his cover of Swing Low Sweet Chariot [link]. His voice was made to sing that song.

[Photo Basement]

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