The Invasion of Hungary

I was driving to Budapest the other day and had a rather unique experiance. I have never thought of Hungary as a particularly militaristic nation. I mean you have the North Koreans with their nukes and whatever and I mean even Switzerland, for all its neutrality, has a pretty scary police force. Well I'm peacefully making my way down E60 when a helicopter flies over an open field and drops no less than ten men with parachutes. Course it looked like they were flying low enough that the chutes were more of just a precaution than anything but at the same time it was a little bit strange ... I mean is Costa Rica making a preemptive strike to expand their empire? I suppose only time will tell.



April 6, 2008 at 11:11 PM

Well, you've certainly kept up the whole blogging thing for a while. Congratulations on that.

It's um.... not what I expected? As the first post about the food court musical is so different than, well, any of the rest of it.

However, despite this, and my original hesitations, I have decided to bestow upon this blog the honor of being added to my reader rss feeds.

Now go, toast to this significant event in your life.