Why I Love America

I guess we found out why Pinky and the Brain are Recruiting. They needed more troops to mount a full scale siege against anyone who tarnished their master's reputation. A newspaper was shut down because of "costs" and "conceptual disagreements" several hours after publishing the story about Putin marrying some gymnast. Interesting how those things seem to coincide. I'm sure if you looked deeper into the issue there would be several hospital reports of broken kneecaps. But you know, how are you supposed to control your people if they here such lies. Makes you have to ... be honest. Sucks. So ya, its stories like this that remind me, even though I sometimes hate the media, how sweet freedom of speech really is. I should move to Russia and start an underground tabloid. I bet it would sell like hotcakes ... or cold porridge, what ever the appropriate figure of speech would be in Russian.

[Fox News]