Another Fish in the Sea

Just remember that if you are one in a million there are 6,602 other people just like you.

I was cruising the internet looking for stuff to blog about and was frustrated by how friggin repetitive it is. And how many blogs there are. I swear I think I saw the RC Car playing the Mario theme song on five different blogs in an hour. Now this phenomenon I believe is referred to as the "echo-chamber." So what am I doing? I mean I've had a few posts about things I have observed in Romania but other than that I am just another wall for the echo to perpetuate. And this brings us to the larger problem of why do we blog. I mean everyone and their mother blogs. But then I was reminded of a thought I had about theater and how sometimes it is as much for the performer as it is for the audience. This is really just me thinking out loud. The 49th Pensieve is really a place for me to take what is redundant and spin it. One of my favorite memories of high school was when I read the morning announcements in such a way that I got reprimanded by the principle. So here is to me making the interesting stuff quirky.